Apartments for Rent in Fresno

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Apartments for Rent in Fresno | Carmel Crest Apartments

Apartments in Fresno


When you are looking for apartments in Fresno, California or anywhere there are certain requirements, and there are “ the perks” Obviously finding a good apartment for students will finding one close to the community college or university. If you are a business person you will want an apartment close the the Fresno business district. If you are single a one bedroom or studio apartment rental will in all probability be your choice. If you are married, have a significant other, children or a roommate a two or three bedroom is probably the way to go.


Apartments for Rent in Fresno | Pool, Golf, BBQ Area


Beyond the basics, what do people look for in finding an Apartment for rent in Fresno, California? How about a pool, the summer months get really hot and a pool after work or on the weekends would be great. You can relax, wind down, get recharged for the next day with an apartment with a pool. What about a gated community? A gated community is another perk not too many apartment complexes in the area can offer. A gated community assists in keeping out solicitations, people walking around for no reason and generally offers a little better security. How about golf anyone? Carmel Crest Apartments offers a putting green for further “luxury apartment living on a budget” Want to know more details about what types of floor plans and units are available. Call today and schedule a visit to our 200 unit apartment building convenient to all Fresno County.


apartments for rent in Fresno



What are your rental prices? Studio apartment prices start at $555 per month, two bedrooms start at $720 per month. With all our amenities including on-site laundry, jacuzzi, swimming pool come and see us first!Shop around you will not find a better value for a luxury style apartment for rent in Fresno, California


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